Handmade Gifts

There’s nothing more personal than giving someone a gift you have made yourself. Luckily for those of us that are not naturally creative, there has been a massive growth in popularity in sites such as Etsy, Folksy and Not On The High Street that involve people selling their homemade and often bespoke crafts. There’s no better way to show your love for family or friends with a present that you have either made yourself or taken the time to find something one-of-a-kind, it’s far more personal than the mass-produced options on the high street. Once upon a time, to buy anything bespoke would have meant a couture gown or a Saville Row suit but now this service is available to suit many different budgets and tastes.
It’s not only websites that offer these services, markets such as the ones at Spitalfields and Greenwich in London, are often a treasure trove for individual and original gifts. At these you also get the opportunity to speak to the stallholders and commission custom made pieces,
For those wanting to give DIY gifts a go, there are many blogs around offering helpful step-by-step guides for everything from Christmas decorations to jewellery and thankfully if you’re not confident in your craft skills, most of these blogs also sell their handmade wares on Etsy.
Fran Stone from fallintodiy.com said: “Handmade online market places such as Etsy, Folksy and Hobzy give makers an avenue to sell quality handmade items that can compete with mass produced, often unethically made high street goods. They challenge the stereotype that handmade goods are niche or cliche because there really is something out there for everyone, which is what makes it perfect for Christmas presents.”

Fran from Fall For DIY

Fran from Fall For DIY

Fran’s top 5 DIY
gift ideas
1) Jewellery
2) Candles
3) Jams or pickle
4) Fudge/chocolate
5) Customised clothes


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