Jasmine Birtles money saving tips

Are you stressing about the extortionate costs of Christmas? Well stress no more, Stylist spoke to Jasmine Birtles, the money saving expert from Money magpie, about her money saving tips for you this Christmas.

 Christmas is the most expensive time of year. Not only are you paying for presents but you are paying for Christmas dinner, parties, heating bills and many more. And there are plenty of different ways in which you can save. Hidden secrets, which you and your friends would of never even thought about.

There are simple ways. Even just keeping a record of when your favourite stores have a sale each year (yes they have them at roughly the same time every year), you can plan on when is the right time you can get your bargain.

Also it is not all just about the money, Jasmine says; ‘Christmas is about friends and family.’

It’s much more fun doing free things together and having a peaceful time than giving yourself stress about buying presents and then paying extra for them later on because you have to pay credit card interest on top of the price.’

Just to help you that little bit more, here are Jasmine’s top ten tips of saving money over the festive period.

1)  Give people free gifts- the gift of time is the best one (e.g. spending an evening with your grandma, going for a walk and picnic with friend etc) This person will appreciate the time you have given them that you may not always have.

2)  Doing a potluck party- do this with your friends or family rather than cooking everything yourself.

3)  Clubcard points- using those hard earned points you have collected over the year on your advantage cards

4) Making things- bake cakes, sweets or biscuits for those who have an easy way to their heart through food. Or if you are that little bit more creative try knitting scarves for your group of friends.

5)  Re-gifting- keep a ‘presents box’ at home where you put in things you were given that you don’t want (make sure you keep tabs on who brought it though as you don’t want that awkward moment when you give someone the present they got you!)

6) Pre- buy- buy things that you find cheaply over the course year and keep it away for Christmas.

7) Sales shopping- put off Christmas until after the sales start so that everyone can get a better present for less.

8) Start in January- instead of leaving your shopping all to the last minute, start in January to spread the cost throughout the whole year.

9) Buy the cheaper brands when Christmas dinner shopping- Being the better brand doesn’t mean anything, sometimes the ‘value’ brands are at the same quality and of the same taste but are at a much better price!

10) Make a savings account just for Christmas- if you start saving after Christmas has finished by the following year you will have plenty of money. Even if it is just £5 a week, every little helps.

For more money saving tips go to the money magpie website at http://www.moneymagpie.com.

Jasmine Birtle

Jasmine Birtle